Young Marines Decide To Do Something Silly, Now Watch Their Moves… Funny!


In the world’s history, the U.S. Marine Corps are known to be the bravest, fastest and strongest fighters. Irrespective of how hard the mission is, they always try their best to achieve the final goal.

To be great fighters, they spend a lot of hours training. That means it is not easy to be a Marine and in the process many drop out every year due to exhaustion. It is only a marine who will be able to explain the kind of dedication and passion that is needed by one to succeed.

Though these guys spend several hours training, there are times when they are free and don’t resist enjoying themselves. The video below features one of those times which was uploaded on the internet and has since then gone viral.

The soldiers are quietly waiting in a line until the music starts to play. What followed next is one of those moments which you will love to watch. Apart from being brave, they also know how to dance. It is great to see them find a great way of bonding.

N/B: Adult language is used by one Marine after messing up while dancing.

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