Young Girl Adopts 11-Year-Old Blind Dog. Now Look At Him In His Permanent Home. What A Change!


There are people who visit animal sanctuaries and shelters to adopt animals that they fall in love with. Even though this is the case, chances that people will opt to adopt old dogs or those ones with a defect, is very minimal. But in the clip below, you will be surprised with what this young girl in Ohio chose as a pet. She in fact picked a blind dog!

Audrey Higgins, the 15 year girl told Cincinnati’s Local 12, that she had seen the dog on Facebook and no one was interested in adopting him, so she began fostering herself.

This dog by the name of Bailey, is aged 11 years and unluckily when it turned blind, the owner brought it to Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue because he could not manage in taking care of him. The shelter had hopes of looking for Bailey a foster home but all the efforts seemed to be in vain.

All this ended when Higgins intervened. She fully accepted Bailey to become her foster mother.  In the clip below, you will see Bailey in his new home feeling good from the special care Higgins is giving him.

She revealed that when she brought Higgins to her home, he never wanted to drink anything nor go to the bathroom, but the second day of staying there, she finally started to drink and go to the bathroom. He even became charmed up and began playing as he rolled on his stomach.

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