These Young Football Players Disobeyed Their Coach, But It’s The ‘Why’ And The ‘How’ Of It That’ll Make Your Day!


To most of the players in the sporting sector, winning a game is everything,and they wouldn’t waste a minute trying to make anyone feel good at the expense of the trophy. Turns out, not every kid is like that.

People are now talking about the Olivet Middle School, and legacy of it all rests with this nice institution’s football team. They’re the Eagles. This perfect team is made up of youngboys of between 11 and 13 years of age, but you won’t believe what they can do.

Just recently, the team had a match to prepare for, but theywarmed up to something else instead. It happens that one Keith Orr is a member of the team, and he’s mentally handicapped, meaning that this new team member doesn’t get to kickthe ball around the field much of the time.

So these cool guys put a plan together to throw a surprise during the match. You’ll be deeply impressed with what they did for their fellow team mate!

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