You Won’t Believe What This Little One Wanted For His Birthday. So Selfless!


If there’s one thing a kid will always be excited about, it’s their birthday. On this special day, a parent tries their best to widen their kid’s smiles as much as possible. Most of the times a kid will get whatever they want for their birthday, and much more so when they’re about to entertheir eleventh year on Earth!

They say selflessness is a virtue, something that’s mostly inherent. It’s rare to see a kid so selfless that they would be willing to forget their birthday gifts in order to do something else more beneficial to the community. Well, Gunner Robinson did it, and you’ll love him for that!

At 10, you wouldn’t expect this little guy to be in any mood to forgo a nice pair of shoes for his birthday, but Gunner’s kindness knows no bounds. Instead of walking out of a store with a pair of school shoes like it’s happened every other year, this you man decided to walk out with many pairs instead. He knew that not all the kids in his neighborhood get what he gets, so he chose to skip his birthday gift so he could buy shoes for his friends. Wow!

I love this, and you will too. Watch and SHARE with your Facebook friends!

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