You Won’t Believe Just How A Horse Can Save A Teenager. Cowboy Stuff!


Let’s start by agreeing that the teenage period can be a very dangerous and extremely destructive period for a young man if not handled properly. But here’s one guy who has “invented” his own way of keeping the teens busy. You’ll like this!

Malik Divers, residing in Philadelphia, decided to start training some young men on how to care for horses in a move aimed at keeping away from the streets and away from the violence there. So far, his plan is working, with some nice guys like Shahir Drayton (18 years old) to show for it. In his own words, Shahir doesn’t think things would’ve turned out so well for him had Divers not showed up in time. He probably would’ve been throwing jabs on the streets, but Divers and his horse thing has prevented all that trouble.

To witness the training, go ahead and watch this full video and get amazed in such a great way that you’ll really want your family and friends to see this too. SHARE the clip on Facebook and let the good news spread. And drop us a comment too!

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