Woman Walks Naked The Whole Day Yet No-one Notices. Take A Look!


You’ll be surprised just how much people don’t really notice even in broad daylight. Take it from me: if you strip naked and walk around, everyone will notice. But you do something creative and out of the ordinary, and no one will even get a clue. Julie did that, and it’s evident!

Julie had been struggling to understand her self-image. This was fueled even more when a classmate once made a fleeting remark about her thighs. Julie wanted to be more aware of her body image, so she did something would make her feel better. You won’t believe this!

The lady consulted a bodypainter, Panshur House, and had her body painted. She then walked out in open and mingled with people. Interestingly, no one really noticed that Julie was naked until she had to bring it to their attention. All people saw was a beautiful lady walking around donning jeans and a nice T-shirt. But it was all paint!

This is interesting. For her part, Julie says she now feels much better about herself. She likes her body image. Lovely!

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