What This Woman Does On Three Huge Balls Will Take Your Breath Away, So Talented!


What I have learned is that our bodies are never limited to perform any type of task. For instance, a record can be set by an athlete and another one comes and breaks it.

A French program known as Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde, which is similar to America’s Got Talent-like TV show, presented Tatiana Konoballs, a gifted woman, just to say.

What’s great with her is that she is a professional at what she does, although her sport is not common! She has the ability of balancing perfectly on three big rubber balls.

Apart from being a complicated sport, it’s also a funny and lovely to look at! There’s no doubt that you will be amazed watching the way she moves on the stage. Most likely, she will be famous even here in the USA!

Watch the following video, to see how she skillfully goes about balancing on the big balls. At 3:35 mark, you will think that the fall she does will hurt her, but it’s the best part ever. What an amazing sight!

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