A Woman Spots A Foster Mother Abusing Her Foster Son. What She Does Next? So Touching!


Child mistreat is the worst thing ever one can witness. It is not a secret to anyone that many American children who are in foster homes get mistreated. Some of these foster parents take the children just to benefit from the monthly paycheck they receive. In the USA, a normal foster parent gets $713 per child in every month. It seems that these foster parents are paid to abuse the kids, who in turn really suffer a lot. the clip below is an experiment carried out by What Would You Do? whereby a foster mother openly gives a special treat to her real daughter and neglects her foster son during supper time.

While at dinner the mother tells the foster son that he will never be adopted by anyone, and that her daughter was entitled to have anything appearing on the menu while as for him he is restricted on a $4 budget. He also is rebuked when the daughter does something wrong. The boy had nothing to say by cry. Even though this is a staged video, we know that the same happens in many foster homes and that many foster kids suffer a lot. when one woman sees this, she approaches the foster boy and tells him that she is ready to buy whatever he feels like eating. She further asks the kid to give her his name and number so that she can report the mistreating mother to the authority.

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