Woman Offers Ironic Suggestions On Raising Kids. Her Ideas Are Unbelievable!


When it comes to the raising of kids, this famous rib-tickling lady named Kristina Kuzmic give ironic suggestions. “4 Steps to Raising a Brat,” is a recent video by Kuzmic, which presents four methods of rasing your kid to become a brat. She is very well informed how stubborn kids can be and she doesn’t love them either. That is the reason why this video is considered to have ironic suggestions.

The video contains very many funny intuitions, from overprotecting the kids when they are irritated to not being concerned with the repercussions.  In a YouTube channel named “Kristina Kuzmic,” this clip is among the numerous satirical sections on the comedy figures.

She has triumphed from her YouTube display channel. Another footage with the title “4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public” managed to be viewed 3.2million times in just a couple of months. Although the video below has not created the same impact as the former” it has received approximately 60,000 views since its upload on the 30th of July.

As per the website of Kuzmic, she resides in Southern California with her husband and three children, one girl and two boys. In her biography, in 2011, she won the “Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star.” That gave her the chance of starring her show about cooking known as “The Ambush Cook.”

She really has talent be it in cooking or in entertaining the audience. Watch the following clip and make sure to SHARE it with all your Facebook friends!

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