A White Stallion Rescues A Filly That Is About To Drown. What A Moment!


Horses have been with us for a long time, there is not history as to how they were first domesticated. One thing is however, very clear. Horses are the best beasts of burden. They understand commands easily and will carry you for long distances without struggling. The days when we relied on them for carrying our burden are now gone. Almost every tasks that a horse could have helped us with, is now done by machines. That means horse now have taken a ceremonial role in our lives.

In the video below, we encounter a group of wild horses in their natural habitat as they interact with each other. One band of the wild horses can be seen grazing at one side of the river. Then another band of horses appears from the other side of the road. That is when a few horses decide to cross over and enjoy the company of the horses that have just emerged from the woods. What happens next will leave you amazed at the intelligence and love of one of the stallions. When a filly is swept by the current, the white stallion goes after her and rescues her.

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