He Wanted To Surprise His Wife During Their 61st Anniversary, What He Did? Melt-melting!


Gail was married to her husband named Bob. One day, she happened to read the local newspaper and saw what her husband had dedicated to her at their 61st anniversary. Bob had decided to draft a love letter and send it to her through the newspaper. In the letter, he confessed that he was going to look at other women consistently. But the reason why he stares at young women? Actually Bob examines the bridal part. He says that all the young women would never attract him as his wife Gail. He confesses that in his life, only two brides have nearly managed to light a candle to his wife and the two are his daughters. As for Gail, she is overjoyed of how her husband still finds her attractive even though 60 years have passed. She feels that it is a little flattering from Bob’s part

Gail says that she finds Bob’s thought of her being beautiful to be exaggerated but as for Bob he tells her that it is true.

What a simple but effective and touching manner to express his love to her wife! He must be really in love of her spouse when she writes her a letter and posts it in the local newspaper for everyone to see.

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