He Walks Up To Him In A Funny Way. Now Watch The Cool Guard’s Reaction. Great!


Being a guard keeping watch in front of a building or some other place can sometimes be a pain in the neck. Imagine you’re just there watching people and looking after what you’re paid to keep an eye on.
You put your own dear life in line just so that you can keep a job. You don’t get much time to even have a good chat with other people. Now, couple that with the disturbances of some cocky tourists, and what you get is a man living a lonely life.

But it doesn’t always have to be like that, does it? Well, this smart guard found a way around the boredom, and one good kid is playing a great role in it.

In this cool clip, you see a small kid walk up to a guard and try to chat him up. The guard, finding it really thrilling, plays his part. From the look of it, these two are really having a great time, with the kid doing things and the guard responding in kind. The child is humored, and you will too.

Check this out and be impressed. It’s really one of those videos you have to SHARE, so take to Facebook and do it!

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