Visitor Gets Surprised Upon Visiting Her Son, Reason? What A Design!


Christian Schallert bought a tiny apartment in the El Born district of Barcelona. When her mother stepped inside, she thought her son had gone mad. That was because house looked shabby and needed a lot of effort to remodel it. What she never had in mind is that Christian had a plan to utilize properly the small space available in the house. Although the house measured 258 square feet, Christian made sure he designed the house so as to get the impression that it measured more than it actually was. The architect responsible for the design was Barbara Appolloni, but Christian was the one who made it beautiful.

Everything in the apartment was made to fully create some space. A lot of the house furniture were designed to hide themselves behind the walls or combine with others. Things that were big like a fridge, were hid behind the wall panel which is located near the kitchen which also is hidden behind the wall.

Christian demonstrates the inside of his house saying that to live you only need a good mattress and warm clean sheets, water, shower and a source of heat to cook food.

The surprising thing about the apartment is that the space varies due to the features in the house that are mobile. When it comes to the bed, it is hidden at the balcony shelf. The stairs transform to be tables when the mattress is taken out. The TV hides inside the wall. When it is eating time, the kitchen table which is a board gets out from the wall too.

Christian described in the clip that the he was motivated to have the tiny house from the time he was a young kid residing besides a lake and used to spend most of the time on boats that were small. He said the folding walls of his apartment resembled the ones in the boats. Apart from being motivated by the boats, he also got the inspiration from a Japanese Architecture, saying that the apartment was a similar to the Zen one.

He says that he is a type of guy that loves remodeling apartments unlike other people who look at it to be boring. He termed his apartment to be an active one since he is needed to be in motion which in turn brings body fitness while inside it.

The video was shot in 2011 and by that time Christian was living there. Fair Companies revealed that he later sold the house because it became small for two people to live in when he got married.

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