This Veteran Never Expected This When he Attended The Game… What A Surprise!


Jerry Holcomb, a sergeant, has 13 of his years dedicated to the United States Army. While in service of our country, Holcomb has received two Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars Awards. All from separate tours of duty while in Afghanistan and Iraq during his career in the military.

While Holcomb’s sacrifices and bravery are undeniable, the veterans had an encounter and multiple struggles which no one seems to talk about when they get home. A lot of them find it hard to secure a proper job and minus the well-paying jobs, the dream of owning a home disappears entirely.

However, it was at a game of soccer, surprisingly that Holcomb and his wife received one of the best gifts anyone would want. A home free of mortgage, without any costs, for this great combat veteran and his entire family.

Appreciation to the wonderful people at the non-profit organization operation. Lastly at home, this great veteran and brave soldier along with many others are thanked with rewards for their sacrifice for the country. While we enjoy seeing welcome back home videos that feature returning soldiers from wars to their families, this video outshines them all.

For a long time, our country’s military do not receive the respect they deserve. They undergo a lot while answering the nation’s call. And in place of thanking these veterans, some citizens have made a decision to team up with local builders all over America to let their actions speak louder.

This is a heart-warming story that one should SHARE if he/she thinks of our country’s brave soldiers deserve a home!

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