Two Women Insult A Mother On A Queue To Buy Coffee. Her Response?What An Answer!


While on a queue at a local Michigan shop, to purchase some coffee and doughnuts, Dianne Hoffmeyer managed to hear two ladies behind her commenting on her physique.

She told the Detroit’s WXYZ 7 that the women said that she was a whale that needed to consume, and her hair was bad to the extent that the roots were popping out.

At that time, she was together with her daughter of 22 months at Tim Hortons location. She said that she had never seen the women before. The women had no idea that she was tirelessly working out to control her weight, and had lost 177 pounds. Also they were unaware that the doughnut was for her kid.

Hoffmeyer said that she immediately began to cry after hearing the insults.

Even though she was distressed with the comments of the women, she decided to respond to them. The response had gained a lot of popularity. Her action left even the cashier with her mouth wide open when she paid for the coffee of the two women.

She wanted to turn over to the women but she restrained herself from it because of not wanting to show a bad example to her daughter.

When interviewed, she responded that she wanted to meet them again and buy each one of them a cup of coffee, then have a talk with them and tell them how bad she felt.

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