When The Two Sisters Were Ambushed, They Never Knew The Surprise Will Be This Good!


Two sisters were lucky enough to be ambushed by the Makeover team from TODAY. Their new looks made them look a number of decades younger off their current age. The ambush took place when the two were visiting the TODAY studio.

Gloria’s mother has Alzheimer’s and she relocated to New York so that she can take good care of her. The happy grandma revealed that she is always mistaken by people to be a sister to her mother. The two sisters are grandmothers and Marta (her sister) has 6 kids and 3 grandchildren. She takes her time to take care of their mom and Gloria reveals that Marta is always there to care for everyone.

The transformation took around three hours and the outcome made them look sexy again. Watching them below can let you know what a stunning haircut is capable of – you can achieve the right attitude, texture and color.

I believe the two sisters deserve everything they got and it is their reactions which stole the show. Please watch below and let us know whether you loved watching it – you must also note that Gloria is 59 years of age.

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