They Took Photos Every Day. Now See What They Finally Came Up With. So Lucky!


It’s true. Nothing excites a couple more than expecting a baby. The feeling is even deeper when you’re expecting twins!

Here’s Stephanie and Adrien, and they’re about to show you the other deeper side of happiness that you never knew. The couple got the big news that they wereexpectant, and they got so creative that they started filming Stephanie’s belly on a daily basis till she gave birth to two bouncing babies, Chloe and Leo.

You’ve to agree that this couple is a really smart union. See how she holds that balloon in front of the Eiffel Tower in France. See what she’s doing with it. And finally? You just have to watch this video and see this!

After collecting all the photos, the smart couple edited them into a movie showing the progress from the first day of the filming to the day she gave birth. These kids must have some really lovely parents. I love this!

You can skip this video. It’s just too awesome to pass. Check it out now and feel your heart warm. You’ll want to hit that SHARE and let your Facebook friends get wowed too!

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