It Took Him 67 Years To Reunite With His Family. It’s Unbelievable!


This is strange than fiction and sounds like a storyline in a science fiction book or movie. The odds that the man had to beat to finally be reunited with his family made it look like almost impossible. This is the most amazing story you will ever come across.

It all started in 1949 when, Jack Etgen who was then a baby, was adopted and the family moved to Danforth,Maine with him as the foster parents’ only kid. This is where he now built a new life with a new family. He only came to learn the truth about his family after high school.

Etgen had this deep desire to learn about his real family. He went on a search, but it all seemed to be to no avail. Time went by and he became a family man and even ended up having 14 grandchildren. All this time he longed to see what his real mother had looked like, meet her.

He revealed his desire to his daughter who searched Etgen’s real mother’s name in a Facebook Reunion Page. One thing led to another and it led to a life-changing call!

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