They Thought It Was Over After Their Horse Delivered A Foal. They Were Wrong!


When the night watch called them, Jeni Benson and Guy (her hubby) rushed to the horse. Daisy the cool horse had been pregnant and her delivery time was due. In fact, the time was past due by a few days. Jeni and Guy knew that the day had finally come for their horse to bring forth some more lives.

So Daisy went into labor and delivered a little foal. She nursed her baby until it was alright and ready to meet the world. What happened next gave them a shocker!

Jeni and her hubby expected Daisy to start dealing with the afterbirth, but that didn’t happen. Turns out, Daisy had another life in her. She was going to have twins!

Fortunately, the 3 horses survived the delivery. Watch this clip and get the full first-hand story.

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