They Thought She Was Already Dead, Then What Happened Next… A Miracle!


For a long time Colleen Banton had been suffering a lot because Chelsea, her daughter of 14 years, was experiencing numerous health complications. This time round when he took her to the hospital she had pneumonia and even doctors knew she slim chances of survival.

Fearing that she might not make it, her elder sister took a photo with her while she was at the hospital, thinking it was the last one together. When Chelsea closed her eyes to rest, her whole family thought that she was dead.

Thinking that she was already dead, the doctors were more than surprised to find out that Chelsea was getting better and that she was asking where her mother was. Doctors could not explain what caused her to start recovering.

A whole new surprise came when the person in charge of the security cameras, called Colleen howed her what the y captured. To her, it was an angel that had been taking care of her daughter.

Chelsea was able to recover fully from pneumonia although she still has other medical complications. For the whole hospital, it was a miracle recovery because as predicted, she was not going to survive the pneumonia.

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