They’re In Love And Happily Married, But This Keeps On Happening… A Must Watch!


This guy is 2’8″ tall, and he’s already a husband. Sean has osteogenesis imperfect, the so-called ‘brittle bone disease’ that has affected as many as 50,000 US citizens. Sean and MindieKniss are husband and wife, and they don’t see why and how Sean’s medical condition should ever affect their loving relationship. Being the lady, MindieKniss attracts a lot of attention within the neighborhood, mainly because she likes going out with her short husband.

Marriages have their struggles too, and this video shows how this couple goes about their married daily lives. Even though the couple lives their own married life, haters are always meddling in their affairs. Mindie and Sean often receive mails. This hate is fueled by a false belief that Sean’s condition disqualifies his ability to fully satisfy his wife sexually. In response, the couple argues that their sex life is very healthy, even going on to suggest that theirs could even be better than that of most other couples. This video really lifts my spirits in that this couple is not moved by the misconceptions and all the hate leveled against them.Some people just hate even what’s beyond their own understanding, and it’s so annoying. One day, though, people will learn to appreciate love in all its forms.

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