They Found A Camera, Looked At The Snapshots, What They Saw Will Surprise You!


A few days before Dave and Erica Lacey became husband and wife; Erica identified that she had an uncommon form of lymphoma. Just like any other person would feel, Dave was without hope since he was only left with several photos of his fiancée Erica, on the camera, after she died in 2011.

Things got worse for Dave when robbers raided the home where he lived in Santa Ana in 2012 and made away with his electronics, expensive jewelry, and most of all; they took Erica’s camera. While talking to CNN, Dave said it was unfair that the burglars did that to him considering all that they had gone through. The camera had over 300 photos of the life he and Erica had together including the snapshots from her fiancée’s burial. For Dave, it was evident there was no way he would ever see the photos again.

Another raid took place a year after Dave the robbery. This time, police officers found receipts for some things that were put at a pawn shop. Among the items on the receipt, was the camera. After the police had made a visit to the Pawn shop, they were able to find the camera and switched it on. Just they went through the photos; it occurred to them that the images and everything in the camera held some important memories to the owner. The detectives, who did not have any other way to find the owner, noticed that there were a tree and brown wall in one of the images that they would recognize.

The officers went to the neighborhood, and they luckily found Dave. Dave whom had forgotten the camera wouldn’t believe it was found until he saw a strap made by Erica before she passed away.

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