This Teenager Works But Only Spends Half Of His Salary, Reason? WOW!


Though Ryan Guerra works on a part-time basis in one Iowa based supermarket, he never spend all his earnings by himself like most people do. He spends half of his earnings on people who he considers to be less fortunate.

He collects basic items like toilet paper and recyclable water bottles and puts them into “Care Backpacks.” He then goes ahead and gives them to those that are homeless within his region.

Within the clip below, we witness as several homeless people receive backpacks from Guerra and they’re all thankful.

While reporting to Iowa’s KCCI, Chris Weaver said that most people are unconcerned with the wellbeing of the homeless. They are those who wish they could be faced out by any means but it means a lot when people like Guerra voluntarily come forward to offer a helping hand.

It is the hope of the teenager that others will be encouraged by his deeds and help needy people. You can visit GoFundMe page and support the boy’s initiative.

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