This Teenager Stood To Address The Graduating Seniors, Moments Later? WOW!


As a Valedictorian from his graduating class, Colin Yost fearlessly stood up and left the crowd charmed with his touching and funny speech. The clip below has everything that Colin said on that occasion. When I started listening to him, I never imagined that the whole group will end up “Shaking it off” to Taylor Swift’s song. I believe this is an occasion that all the kids who were present will remember for quite some time if not forever.

For many, the time they spent in high school was the hardest period in their education. It’s understandable when many refer to the stage as the true transition from childhood to adulthood. A lot of stress, angst and insecurity is involved at that level.

When you watch the little teenagers enjoy the moment of fun, it’s then you understand what they have really passed through. There is no doubt that they are welcoming the next stage with a lot of excitement by the look of things.

Kindly watch the flash mob in the video below which took place during the Portsmouth High graduation and let’s know whether you can relate it with any occasion in your life. Please leave your comments and SHARE!

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