He Takes To The Stage To Perform, And Then It Turns Out Like This. I’m Feeling Really Emotional!


During the 12th season of the X Factor, something happened that left everyone breathless and deeply emotional. You’re no exception to this.

This 19-year-old teen from Billingham, England, went in to audition at the show, and what he did on that stage had the effect of leaving even the meanest judge, Simon Cowell, very emotional.Josh Daniel had lost his friend 2 years earlier, and then he decided to sing a song in his memory. He chose this platform for his performance.

When Josh walked into the stage and went on to takeon “Jealous” by Labrinth, he did it with so much emotion and conviction that the whole audience and the judges couldn’t help feeling the emotion. Simon, the feared judge, had just lost his mom, and this performance seemed to touch a deep nerve in him. He even shed some tears!

Watch the full video and see what happened. If you think it’s as emotional and touching as we all think, SHARE it with your Facebook friends!

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