Surveillance Camera Reveals A Panda Trapped Near A Dangerous River. It’s Scary!


It’s logical that when we bring a pet to our homes, we have already made a choice of taking care of it forever.

Actually, that is the way it is supposed to be, by ensuring the pets are well cared for in terms of not escaping or getting into a fix. Also it is our duty to feed them and offer them a comfortable place to sleep.

But the truth of the matter is that many animals are left abandoned without any protection or care at all.

But in case of wild animals, they tend to quickly adapt to the environment outside the homes and human houses. Though that being the case, they at one time get themselves in a fix, where they need help from someone like being treated when wounded or ill.

And cases like these of wild animals being hurt makes us feel emotional for them and raises that urge in us to go and help them.

In the clip below, we note a heartbreaking beginning but ends up amazingly! We clearly can see a panda aged 4 years being trapped in a place located near a dam, which has a river flowing in dangerously.

Chances are that if the panda falls, he surely will drown in the water. But luckily, some dam workers spotted him while they were looking at a surveillance camera and went in to rescue him.
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