They Suffered A Lot While Growing Up, Then This Happens… Wonderful!


If you observe keenly, all kids that were brought up with plenty of motherly love, are different from those that their mothers never showered them with that unconditional love.

This is what happened to Alex and Brittney who were sisters. Their mum abandoned them which made Alex to be forced to take care of her sister as he was the big brother.

He said that when he was a child, his mum never gave him the love and care he needed, and she would engage in fights every time. When that used to occur, he would carry Brittney away from the fights.

Apart from neglecting them, their mother used to use drugs, according to Alex.

It only took one year of being in a foster home for Brittney and Alex to find their permanent home. Brittney was so afraid on her first night at the home but she confessed it to be different from the foster homes that they had been in before.

Confessing, Alex said that he never had adults that took care of him by giving him the love and affection. When the adoptive family saw their photos, they made the decision of adopting them immediately.

Even though they had a tough time in their childhood, they finally got a chance to experience a smooth life that they never expected.

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