Stubborn Husky Is Not Happy About Something, His Funny Negotiation Will Crack Your Ribs!


If you know anything about Huskies, then you realize that they’re generally whiners. A stubborn Husky won’t lose a chance to howl when they find something uninteresting, and this one here in the video is such a “talker!”

Dog Time says that a dog can start this kind of behavior due to audio stimulation, an ingrained trait of the breed, or the moon. So which is which here? The answer is clearly visible!

Now, this owner is doing some crate training for the dog. However, the dog doesn’t like getting himself into a kernel, and the owner has to prod and coax him into it. Even then, he still has some unclear issues he would like to put forward, and he’ll do that by whining. It’s too funny!

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