Strikingly Unique Raccoon Causes A Stir At A Shelter – It’s A moment To Remember!


Many animals are easily identified using their distinct features. Raccoons are no different because of their bandit eyes and gray fur that sticks out as a background.

In an animal shelter in Canada there happened to be a very unique raccoon that made tongues wag and heads to turn. This is because this one did not carry the features of any other raccoon that you may have come across. It was as unique as the rare albino turtle found in the Australian sea or the stunningly sweet sea bunny.

This rare raccoon was sheltered at the Hope for Wildlife in Noca Scotia. This raccoon did not have the circles that are normally found around the eyes for every other raccoon. Its color was so unique that it got people to say that it was only the second one to be seen in 20 years! It did not have the usual coat.

A veterinary technician, Chelsea Pullen, told CTV news that many people at the shelter said that it looked like a fox. This is because of lack of normal skin color and lack of hair follicles.

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