They Spent The Whole Day With An Old Woman And Got Shocked. Find Out What She Does!


Old people tend to be forgotten but this ninety-eight-year-old woman called Mary proves to us that they still are useful.

This was possible when the Voyager film team spent the whole day at Mary’s sizeable apartment documenting her. Mary made sure that she portrayed what really was like to live alone without inventing anything, just the pure truth! Generally, Mary’s age mates reside in nursing homes where they are surrounded with other old people who team up to do some activities, although some prefer to be alone like Mary. What really disturbs her is how she can get to do something which can keep her occupied to avoid running nuts.

She told the filming group that what she does is to get the old mails and cut them into small pieces then put them into a bag to be thrown away as rubbish.

The filming team asked the retirement home workers to come to Mary’s apartment. When they got to the house, one of the workers got emotionally carried away in that he started shedding tears. He said that nothing of the sort had ever crossed his mind. Mary thanked them for having visited her, saying that she got the chance of socializing once again.

This clip is meant to let us know that the old people are part of us, and we should be always contacting our grandparents and knowing how they are faring on.

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