Something Was Not Going Right And This Police Officer Stepped Forward And Shocked Many!


It was scheduled that a singer could sing the National Anthem before the start of a college basketball game. The singer was not going to make it in time due to traffic and one police officer stepped in and saved the day. The moment was so special and went viral within a short time.

The officer was none other than Carlton Smith who works at the West Virginia University. He was one of those posted to at the venue of the game and the singer who was stuck in traffic was Leslie Dorchester.

He did fantastically given that he was only given 5 minutes to prepare, but that never stopped Smith from giving a great performance before Kansa Jayhawks could play West Virginia Mountaineers. Watching him sing will make you understand why he had attended the 2014 auditions for American Idol.

Though he loves singing, it matters a lot when the song he is to sing is a National Anthem. He loves his country and that means the opportunity meant a lot to him.

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