A Soldier Is Seen Standing Alone In The Historic Cemetery. What Follows Moments Later Is Chilling…


For those who have visited the Arlington National Cemetery, they know it can be too much to imagine that the white headstones represent the number of our deceased soldiers.  Perfect rows can be seen which are made of white headstones that are standing tall, the same way our women and men at the military do.

It is a sight that brings emotions given that the headstones now cover over 624 acres of land. It is something that perfectly narrates the history of our nation. Attending a funeral at this spot is one of the hardest things to do. It lets you know the much women and men have sacrificed to protect the beliefs and freedoms of Americans.

If you have been careful, then you know that in most military functions, “Taps” has always been played since the Civil War. It has been so instrumental when it comes to honoring our soldiers during their funerals.

Despite being a solemn task and at the same time a great honor, United States Army Band’s Bugle players perform the song from time to time during the funerals.

In the clip below, we are given a taste of the same by SSG Drew Fremder and SSG Jesse Tubb. It is one of those touching moments that means a lot to our American history which you have to watch out.

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