Simple Vacuum Technique Of Removing A Popcorn Ceiling From Your House.


Anybody who lived in the 50s will reveal to you that Popcorn or cottage cheese ceilings were very popular then. But due to the Clean Air Act of 1978 of the already available designs by then of paint contained white asbestos, these popcorn ceilings never lasted in the market for long. Even though in the 80s there were still asbestos-free popcorn ceilings, many people began using other styles of flat ceilings which never contained a lot of texture.

But when you look at the interior of many old houses, you will still note that they have these ceilings. But since there many people move with style, they tend to change the ceilings and install other types. If you house is the old type with the popcorn ceilings, then Aaron Rollins has a trick which can help you get rid of the ceilings in a simple and clean manner. This method never requires sophisticated equipment.

To remove them, first spray some water on the popcorn ceiling. Using a spackle knife of 6-inch press it into the bottom of the vacuum. The spackle knife will gently remove the popcorn ceiling meanwhile the vacuum keeps sucking the remains. This method ensures that there are no remains left behind. Confessing, Rollins said that he managed to remove the whole room in just 10 minutes.

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