Sick Teacher Couldn’t Resist Crying When Her Former Students Surprised Her… Watch!


Remember Peter Frank? A finalist on American Idol some time ago? You won’t believe what he and his friends did to their former teacher!

For 2 decades. Gabrielyn Watson has taught music at the Morgan Park High School in Chicago. During this time, her students exceled, of which Frank is enough proof. But she had cancer.

When Frank and other former students heard of her condition, they knew they had to do something. They organized a “meeting.” Gabrielyn was to attend this meeting, but she had zero idea what was about to happen there!

Wait till she meets Frank, who immediately breaks into a rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Then the other students emerge from the halls and the whole thing blows up into one heck of a surprise for the teacher. She literally dropped!

Her cancer is in full remission now.

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