They Are Showing The Led Zeppelin Band Some Love, When The SingingStarts? Incredible!


Back in 2012, a special show was put up by the Kennedy Center with the aim of honoring the Led Zeppelin band. Among those who attended were John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page – the only survivors of the band. The band had contributed in one way or the other in shaping the rock & roll field through their hard work and that’s one of the reasons as to why they were being celebrating.

The performance which stood out from the rest was the “Stairway To Heaven,” a Heart’s cover classic song. A full choir and a collection of orchestral singers were there to add an icing on the cake. When Robert Plant listened to the powerful song, he could not hold his tears any longer. I believe all music fans out there will love watching the performance though I can’t judge whether it was better than its original version.

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