She’s Playing Her Sweet Song On The Piano, But You Haven’t Seen Her Hubby’s Reaction. So Romantic!


When we’re young, we expect to feel and enjoy the love we so deserve so deeply, and we want to take that opportunity to live to the fullest because we think the feelings will fade as we advance in age when we’ll be too “feeble” to enjoy much of it. But this will change your mind.

Here’s a couple,and you might want to know that the hubby is 91 and the wife is 82. That’s already well into the decades in love, but what they still feel for each other will floor you.

Their son just couldn’t help but record this lovely moment as his parentsdemonstrated the “concept” of the unending love tothe whole world. It’s 2013, and one day, the wife gets the piano and starts hitting some notes of her favorite song, the Paraguayan hit, “Galopera.” Her hubby can’tkeep from moving to the melody. He just can’t!

Watch as the two lovebirds inspire each other in the most romantic scene you can ever hope to get involvedin. You’ll love it.

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