She’s 94, But You Won’t Remember That Once She Hits The Floor. Wow!


It’s during one dancing competition, and one 94-year-old lady isn’t in the mood to miss a thing. What’s more, this lady, Mathilda Klein, isn’t actually here to watch others dance. This athletic lady is here for a dancing competition!

Mathilda loves her game. She’s a really cool dancer, as you’ll get to realize in this video. She has a dancing partner that’s been partnering with her for years. Danny Maloney agrees that Mathilda is one smart dancer, and that she inspires him every time he hits the dance floor with her.

True to a point, everyone will nod to the fact not every 90+ lady would be doing what this lady is capable of. You should see her dancing. She runsaround, springs, and spins, all of that and more. She’s a real inspiration to anyone willing to see her do her thing. She even confesses that it’s her love and perfection of dancing that’s keeps her alive. You must agree!

Check out the full clip here and give Mathilda a round of applause. She’s just great. You need to SHARE this on Facebook right away!

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