She’s 14 Years But Will Surprise You When She Opens Her Mouth To Sing A Vocal!


This is a kid to watch in the near future and I have all reasons to say that. Back in 2007, at Britain’s got talent, a six year old little girl without the front teeth called Connie Talbot, made her first appearance which seemed that she was going to stay. From the statistics taken, her interpretation of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” still is known to many to be the most beautiful moment in the competition’s history. She is now 14 years of age, but this time round, she is rocking her fanatics with her wonderful impression displays.

From my point of view, if these celebrities like Leona Lewis, to Beyonce, to Pink ever needed a double for vocal reasons, she was going to be a perfect fit. If you watch this video to the end, you will come to notice that her Christina Aguilera clearly comes out.

After watching this precious video, what did you come to think of her impressions and not forgetting the natural abilities that she possess? From your personal opinion, do you think that she is a wonderful little girl who still has got more talent to pursue? Please get at ease and post your comments below, and don’t forget to SHARE this wonderful video to all your friends out there!

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