Sergei Polunin’s Dance On “Ellen” Will Surely Stun You! What A Unique Routine!


Back in 2010, Sergei Polunin was known to be the youngest soloist at the British Royal Ballet. Currently he is known all around the globe.

When he was in Ukraine, he started going for gymnastics classes with 4 years old. He proceeded to study dance, joined Kyiv Choreographic Institute and finally joined Royal Ballet, where he graduated as a professional dancer.

Looking at him, you will note that his skin is full of tattoos, which is very rare in the dance world. To that, he responds that he has nothing to worry as life is full of risks and one has to take them.

While living in Ukraine, his dad was residing in Portugal, working to maintain his family. He rarely was with them, as he would visit them for a day and go for the rest 364 days of the year. This enabled him know how to rely on himself. Even though his story is sad, it is what made him become a successful person.

Watch the clip below to see the perfect dance he did for Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” video in 2015. For him he saw that it was his final dance, but he tells Ellen that… please SHARE this performance with all your friends on Facebook!

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