He Was Separated From His Siblings By His Mom. Then He Learns Something That Makes Him Cry…


Some stories are just too sad, but things have a way of working themselves out in the end. This story is both sad and amazing.

Latasha Thomas was a single mom with no one else to rely on, and then she lost her job. To make things worse, she has 4 kids aged 10-14. At this point, there’s nothing she can do and no one to help her. Life gets hard. She tried hard.

Latasha lost her home and car. She also had to split the kids and let them go to various places for help. She was broken, but that’s all before Steve Harvey and rapper T.I came in to turn things around. Steve invited Latasha to his show, and what happened there is too incredible to give away!

The family got re-united, had a home and rent, but there’s something else they got, and you need to watch this clip right now and know about it. It’s going to blow your mind away. Don’t forget to SHARE this great clip on Facebook. Let’s help the single moms!

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