School Driver Sacked For Doing The Right Thing. Do You Support This?


During the 2013’s last week of school, a student approached Haralson County’s bus driver, Johnny Cook. He told him he had not eaten anything. This surprised Johnny. The child’s lunch card lacked 40 cents leading to him missing lunch.

After having a short discussion with the boy, Johnny went back home but kept thinking about the incident.  While feeling irritated, Johnny decided to use Facebook to point out what happened.

To put everything clear, Johnny described his conversation with the boy on Facebook, word by word. To Johnny, he was sure some excess food was thrown away that same day. He wonders how this could happen to have a child denied lunch for just 40 cents.

He went ahead to say that he would choose to give food to a child than throw it in the dustbin. His Facebook post became popular. The following day saw him called by the superintendent and given two options; to renounce the post or be sacked.

The courageous driver chose the otherwise. Even though the public protested his sacking, the school maintained their stand. They said Johnny broke the school’s Facebook policy.

Cook, however, says he has no regrets over his decision and that he is glad he could hold his stand.  He believes his reaction might make a change.

What do you think of the school’s move to fire Johnny? Please give your views with Also, remember to SHARE the video with your friends on Facebook!

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