What This Does And Say When Faced With An Emergence Left Me Jaw-Dropped!


Heroes can very well be picked out in times of emergencies, mostly because they know just how to handle even the most off-setting situations. So here we have Savannah and her ailing dad, and this little one is handling it. Her dad started going short of breath, and he couldn’t get to the phone and contact the 911 emergency center. Savannah is sailing to heroism!

This clip will blow you away. This little lady is aged just five years, but when you watch and listen to how confidently and efficiently she converseswith the 911 call operator, you’ll drop. Savannah can multi-task, talking and explaining her dad’s condition to the emergency service responder while at the same time comforting her dad. It’s not every day you hear a five-year-old tell her dad he’ll be okay when he can’t even breathe properly. Most children would just freak out and scream their lungs out! Now, that’s not all. What this little kid says at the last moments of the video really fuelled me, and I had to decide that I want such a person close to me, if I ever have to call 911 for an emergency. She’s so smart!

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