The Rock Dances For Her Daughter Dressed Like A Poker Man, But Each Time He Stops… You Need To See This!


As a matter of fact, parents do whatever they have to do just for the sake of their kids. All that they go through is just to make sure that their children lead a good and happy life full of love and smiles.

Most of the parents can indulge themselves in doing crazy things just to make their toddlers happy. It doesn’t matter if it involves cladding in clothes that will make them look like crazy people or making strange voices, a parent will find the pleasure to do it for them.

That’s what we see “The Rock,” whose real name is Dwayne Johnson doing in the clip below. Dwayne has a daughter aged 10 months and who adores Pikachu very much. For this reason, the Rock saw it wise to dress like Pikachu so as to make her daughter happy, but…

When he makes himself visible for her and begins to dance, the kid never stops to laugh, but each time he halts, the baby yells.

Tired and soaked in sweat, he goes for a little rest in the bathroom. But because he is a great father, he makes a point of returning back to his daughter fully dressed like a poker man so as to make her happy.

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