He Ran Away From The Police Officer, But For A Different Reason Other Than Fear. He Saved Her!


When Officer Jeff Gonzalez saw a dog on the streets of Germantown, PA, he had nothing against the creature until its behavior elicited his concern. John Boy, the dog, seemed to avoid the officer in a way that suggested it wanted to run away from him, so Jeff got curious and followed the animal. It’s where the good Labrador led him that’ll make you fall for the dog.

The dog halted its race at the owner’s house, Crystal Lauer, where the officer found her lying still on the couch. It was freezing cold but the lucky lady was still breathing, so she was rushed to the hospital.  Needless to say, it’s the dog’s smart action that saved its owner from certain death in a helpless situation.

This video captures the great moment when the lady, after recovering from the still-strange condition, gets to meet the brave officer Gonzalez for the first time since the incident, and you’re sure to agree that the moment is both epic and emotional.

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