He Presses An Air Pump Against Her Belly, What Happens Seconds Later Is Mind-Blowing!


The development of a baby inside a mother’s womb normally takes 9 months. It is also obvious that there will be noticeable changes day in day out in the life of an expecting couple. It is a gradual process and before once knows, a baby girl or boy is born. So as to have something to remember about during those 9 months, most couples have developed the habit of recoding their pregnancies. So can take pictures of the same, but it is good when everything is documented in a pregnancy time lapse clip.

So far, stop motion has been seen as the perfect way of creating the best work of art while recording the pregnancy phases. In the clip below, a couple has prepared a clip which is full of creativity and humor to show their pregnancy journey.

The popular technique was used by the couple when recording the development of the growing belly. At the same time, they had to include a number of fun scenes so as to remember the unique moments of every phase. You just need to watch when the man presses his wife’s belly with a pump. It only takes seconds for the belly to grow.

Watch the clip below and we what the couple had in store for us.

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