This Pregnant Woman Stands On The Same Spot For 9 Months. The Results Are Incredible!!


One may think that it is a waste of time till the end results prove you wrong. A father had come up with this plan of making his wife stand on the same spot every day, in the same room and in the same position to take her a photo. This was meant to monitor his wife’s pregnancy all through. When the 9 months were over, the plan had also yielded fruits.

As time elapsed, the room where her wife used to stand began changing into a guest room and finally converted into a baby’s nursery. The changes that take place in the room involve the removing of the bed, the wall get painted blue, while the wife’s belly keeps on expanding and expanding. With time, the baby is about to knock and the house about to get ready.

We have witnessed many announcements and celebrations made on pregnancies. Like always it is an exciting occasion to see what they include on the announcement video. Surely it is a captivating occasion since one comes to realize that no time is the same. The following video is without doubt an interesting one which clearly shows the progress of the pregnant woman.

In 90 seconds, have the opportunity to watch the pregnancy. What a moving video! What is your opinion about it? Let us know what you think about it! Please SHARE this marvelous video on Facebook with all your friends and parents to be.

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