She Was Pregnant But Had No Clue About It,Watch What Finally Happens… Unbelievable!


The story you are going to read below is not fiction, but a real one.

The staged clip below is brought to us by TLC’s show. Its title is “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” Jasmine is a young lady of 24 years who began feeling abdominal pains. To her, the pains are as a result of menstrual contractions. But as time went by, the pains got serious until her mother decided to take her to the hospital. When a check-up was conducted, the doctors revealed that the pains were as a result of her being pregnant. For all that time, she never knew of it until she got into labor pains. She was quickly rushed to the emergency room to be done a C-section before a complication could arise.

The baby was delivered and when Jasmine was there looking at her child, another surprise hit her. While the baby was being attended by the pediatric, another nurse who was there began screaming. Jasmine turned around to see what the matter was and what she saw was…

All in all, the delivery ended well and Jasmine became a mother of healthy kids named Sarah and Casey. The only problem with Jasmine is that she has been smoking a lot and drinking heavily.

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