They Had A Prank In Store For Dad During April Fools’ Day – What A Moment!


Though it is hard for someone to fool me during April Fool’s Day, I’m not good at pulling out those practical jokes. Keeping that straight face is a hard thing whenever I try to trick my friends. In most cases I end up laughing even before the joke is over. That is why I respect those who have the smartness of pulling out the tricks on that day.

There are times when the jokesters create something serious out of nothing and send their unsuspecting victims to another world. Below, we are meeting kids and their mom who have everything to pull out a silly prank on Dad. They knew the new car was giving him some trouble and decided to frustrate him the more when he returned home.

They used a copy of their spare remote control key to repeatedly open the trunk of the car. The unsuspecting dad closes it again and again without having a clue of the plot. While doing that, they silently watch from the window. What will you have done if you were Dad?

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