They Posed For A Photo 30 Years Ago While In Kindergarten. See What The Teacher Discovers Today…


Lorly Schik started her career as a tutor in the 1940s in Perham School. She was an excellent teacher who strongly influenced the children due to her kind heart and steady guidance. After several years, Mrs. Schik, who left teaching in 1989, could recall all the appearances of each student who came into her classroom over the years.

Her husband passed away suddenly when they were about to travel all over the country so as to mark her retirement. At that time, she was of 90 years old, and life had changed within as short time – something she never expected. Because of this reason, she made up her mind to move to an independent living complex for the old. Just as she was watching the news, she one day saw a news anchor and she could not believe it.

To know more about who she saw and what happened later on, you need to watch this exciting video clip. Being a person who could not forget anything, she remembers something.

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