Police Officer Repairs A Car Belonging To A Dead Soldier, This Is So Touching!


Bad luck happens anytime to any person. Candida, an elderly woman living in California had an accident with a car that belonged to her son who had passed away while on a mission in Iraq. This tragic accident that occurred in June, 2015, left the 2009 Nissan Cube severely damaged.

Her son who was called Jose Torre Jr. was already an Army Spc. And had 21 years when he unfortunately lost his life in 2011. The Nissan Cube was his car and he had purchased it with the salary he had earned as a soldier. After the accident, John Baggs, a police officer of Huntington Beach Police, was assigned the case. Upon reaching the accident site, Baggs discovered that the car had a Gold Star license plate, meaning that it belonged to family that had lost an army member. This made Baggs to inquire the family story from Candida.

The police was touched with the way Candida valued a lot his son’s car. Even though the Automobile Club of Southern California confirmed that the car had no rescue, Baggs decided to try his best to repair the car for Candida. To attain this, he changed the ownership papers to look as if it was his then went ahead to seek help from skilled mechanics.

When the veteran day came, Candida went to attend the Gold Star reunion. She never expected to see the Nissan Cube in a perfect condition again.

Watch the clip below to see how she reacted upon seeing it. Please SHARE this touching story to all your friends on Facebook if you think Baggs did a wonderful thing!

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